Hilary Price is a cartoonist,
storyteller and speaker
in western Massachusetts.
Rhymes With Orange, her award-winning comic strip, appears in newspapers internationally. She teaches workshops on single panel cartoonING AT THE CENTER FOR CARTOON STUDIES.

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Hilary Price has been writing and drawing Rhymes With Orange, her award-winning daily newspaper comic strip, since 1995. 

At the age of 25, she was the youngest woman ever to have a syndicated strip. It appears in newspapers internationally, and has also has appeared in Parade Magazine, People, and in The Library of Congress. She now collaborates on Rhymes With Orange with Canadian cartoonist Rina Piccolo. Hilary teaches single panel cartooning at The Center For Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT.  In 2015, Hilary was given an Inkpot Award for career achievement in comic arts from the San Diego Comic-Con International. She has told stories for The Moth and on NPR. When not at her desk, Hilary walks her overly large dog and spoils her hoodlum cat. She lives in western Massachusetts.

Single Panel CartoonING


Tuition: $600
Ages 18+

Center For Cartoon Studies- White River Junction, VT
Cartoonist Hilary Price, known for her syndicated strip Rhymes with Orange, leads this 4-day intensive workshop which examines the essentials for producing your own single panel comics – characters, environment, plot and the gag. A combination of lectures and studio time provides an in depth look into the form and an opportunity to leave with completed works. Writing and Drawing Single Panel Comics is for both beginner and advanced adult and college students. Occurs every June.


Call (802) 295-3319 or registration@cartoonstudies.org




To bring Hilary to your college or event, please be prepared to cover travel costs plus a speaking fee.

Here are what some previous clients had to say:

"Hilary Price’s presentation had the audience of teens, family members and teachers riveted at the Vermont Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. It was particularly targeted to young artists and writers who are beginning their own creative lives and to those who may not even know that they have creative talent yet. Her talk detailed her journey as a young person trying to find her way in the world, using early drawings, memorabilia, and selections from her comic strip that kept the audience surprised and laughing. All the while, she was drawing cartoons live!

-Susan Calabria, Education Curator, Brattleboro VT Museum and Art Center

"Hilary Price is an amazing cartoonist, educator, and communicator. Her presentation was not just showing cartoons; it was an interactive exploration of the process of an artist. The result was an interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking hour. Our students went to the presentation not knowing what to expect, and came out enthralled. I plan on having Hilary come to our school again. She is truly a delight!"

-Phil O'Donoghue, Ovations Speakers Coordinator at Springfield Technical Community College


"We feel lucky to have found Hilary as a speaker. Almost a month after our event, women are still talking about the fun they had hearing her story. She is quite the talented presenter – using her art to illustrate her personal story. We found Hilary to be genuine, engaging, approachable and very entertaining. We would wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker for any audience!"

– Arielle Hendel, Chief Development Officer, Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley


"What a hit you made yesterday! Students of all different stripes came away feeling they learned a lot -- and laughed a lot. They especially enjoyed all you had to say about the creative process, and of course, the faculty loved the "derriere in the chair" moment. I loved the way you wove process and product together seamlessly, showing clearly how you might move from idea, to planning, to drafting, to finishing. It was some of the best teaching I've ever seen done anywhere."

– Lucille Stott, English Dept., Concord Academy





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